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Finest Personal/Rehabilitation Trainer in the area

No matter the size of the gym, anyone can be intimidated by the equipment and weights lying around, never mind that someone may be lifting more than you weigh. With my guidance, you will reach your goals while transforming the gym from a place of intimidation to a place of accomplishment. If you live in the local area and are interested in experiencing total fulfillment and seeing real physical results and want to maximize your gym experience, please contact me through my booking form.

Personal/Rehabilitation Training for You

Since motivation is essential to getting the most out of any fitness training program, I ensure that you will have all my attention and years of experience in helping you attain your goals . I provide you with all the tools to unlock your potential, and I will support you on your fitness journey 1000%!

Experienced Trainer

I have 19 years of experience in Personal/Rehabilitation Training and have worked with a wide range of people from athletes to every day Joe's to help them hit their fitness targets and keep them injury free, as well as fixing injuries, as well as their aches and pains. Rest assured, I have the skills to mix up your training regime and help to achieve your goals, while staying pain free and having fun while your doing it – no matter if you're training for an athletic milestone like a marathon or just want to get in shape for a beachside holiday. If you have any questions please ask, as I'm here to help you!


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Kevin trained me years ago, now we live states away unfortunately! He is personable, reliable, and knows how to work you to see results. There was never a dull day at the gym with him! He is also...
Anna Lee
I have known Kevin for two years now. Been having shoulder pains as of lately, and he was in the gym at the same time as me. So I decide to ask for his help. He ended up fixing my issue within...
Adrian Justice
I have been in Kevin's class for four sessions and have seen awesome results!
John Manescalco

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